Egypt Watch

Egypt supports a ceasefire in Libya

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced that Turkish President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan has agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin to a ceasefire in
Libya starting from Sunday, January 12.
They have invited all conflicting parties to support a peaceful solution and achieve a
full political solution to the Libyan crisis.
The Presidential Council of the Libyan National Accord government welcomed the
call for a ceasefire and the council affirmed its permanent desire to end bloodshed. It
reiterated the integrity of national unity and the adoption of a political solution to
end the crisis.
On the other side, Khalifa Haftar announced his rejection of the Turkish-Russian
agreement, stressing that his military forces are going ahead towards the capital,
Tripoli, and that their efforts will not stop until all terrorist groups in Libya are
Egypt announced in an official statement that President al-Sisi made a call on Friday
to Putin in which he stressed the intensification of efforts between the two countries
to achieve a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis.
However, well-informed sources affirmed that Egypt welcomed a peaceful solution on
the condition that Turkey refrains from sending any additional military forces to
Libya and prevents the entry of any foreign forces into Libya and treats all the
conflicting Libyan parties in an equal manner within the framework of Cairo’s plan to
extract international legitimacy for Khalifa Haftar’s government before the Munich
meeting next month.