Egypt Watch

Israel starts pumping gas to Egypt

Two sources from Egypt told Reuters on Wednesday that Egypt has
started to receive 200 million cubic feet of Israeli gas daily.
According to the agreement, a private company in Egypt will buy 85
million cubic metres of gas at the value of $19.5 billion from the two
fields of Leviathan and Tamar from Israel over 15 years.
One of the two sources, who asked not to be named, told Reuters that
Egypt has begun to receive 200 million cubic feet of gas daily, starting
from Wednesday, provided that the quantity would increase gradually.
Officials in Israel described gas exportation as the most important deal
concluded since the two countries signed a historical peace agreement
in 1979.
The Israeli gas is transported through gas pipelines east of the
Mediterranean between Ashkelon and Arish, which witnessed recent
technical modifications to prepare it for transferring gas in the opposite
direction to when it was established, at a cost of EGP 55 million.