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Appeal on the reservation of money in terror cases

The Supreme Constitutional Court received, on Sunday, its first appeal against the anti-terror law that
allows authorities to freeze money of those accused in terrorism cases, on the grounds that it is
Khalid Ali, the well-known lawyer, said that the South Giza Criminal Court responded on 5 January
during its consideration of the public prosecution’s request to freeze the money of Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the
professor of political sciences detained within the last September crackdown.
Ali added that the Criminal Court postponed the decision to freeze Nafaa’s money until after a session in
The attorney general issued an interim decision to hold Dr. Nafaa’s money on 1 October 2019, and
presented the order to the Criminal Court to decide, in accordance with the Criminal Procedures’ Law.
The Criminal Court will decide whether to accept or reject the attorney general’s request after hearing
the defence of all parties.