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SSSP renews custody of blogger ‘Mohamed Oxygen’

The Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP) has renewed the detention of blogger
Mohamed Ibrahim, known as Oxygen, referring to his web blog Oxygen Egypt, for 15
days in case No. 1356 of 2019 on charges of publishing false news and joining a
banned group.
Ibrahim was forcibly disappeared after being arrested during the September 20
protests. On September 20, several demonstrations filled streets in several Egyptian
cities in response to a call from former army contractor Mohamed Ali to reject the
regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
Security forces arrested nearly 4,000 people on charges of publishing false news and
joining a banned group, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Ibrahim was arrested previously in 2018 on case No. 621 on similar charges and held
in custody for more than a year and released last July.
Ibrahim was arrested two months after being released while on his way to the police
station as part of his probation.
For political prisoners, the court has replaced detention with probation. The accused
is obliged to attend the police station twice a week and the decision is renewed every
45 days in court.