Egypt Watch

Demands to transfer Ziad al-Alimi to hospital

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights and the lawyer Khaled Ali have filed a lawsuit asking the Minister of Interior and warden of Tora Prison to transfer the former MP Ziad al-Alimi to hospital so he can receive urgent medical care. Al-Alimi’s family have complained of his deteriorating health. According to his mother Ekram Yousseif, al-Alimi suffers from diabetes,hypertension and bronchial asthma, in addition to having a peptic ulcer and an immune disease that requires treatment with cortisone.

Al-Alimi is detained pending investigations on case No. 930 of 2019, charged with forming a secret alliance, the Hope Alliance, with other politicians to compete in the elections. He has also been accused of providing financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood along with other prominent figures including Ramy Shaath,son of former Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath. Al-Alimi’s mother said that the family has submitted a request to the National Council for Human Rights without any response. She said that al-Alimi complained to her in the last visit that he feels hot and is sweating profusely at night. Her doctor said that al-Alimi could have a thyroid disorder. Al-Alimi is a former deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly, a co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the executive office of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition and the official spokesman for the coalition.