Egypt Watch

Egypt’s military pensions raised, again

The Egyptian parliament has approved a draft law submitted by the government on amending some provisions of the retirement, insurance and pensions law for the armed forces, which aims to expand financial benefits for military personnel and their families. It has been referred to the State Council for review, in preparation for a final vote. The amendment stipulated increasing the annual maximum salary, then increasing it again annually. It also stipulated that if the military service of a soldier who has a civil position ends by him dying in war or military service, he is entitled to combine both the pension established by this law, and the social security and pensions law His wife or sister will be given a grant equal to the pension due to her for a full year, with a minimum of EGP 500 ($32), rather than EGP 200 ($12.79).

Military pensions and salaries have been increased 10 times since Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power, compared to civilian pensions which have only been increased five times.