Egypt Watch

Egypt: Major rise in food prices

Commodity prices have increased significantly with the start of the partial curfew, driven by an increase in demand and a decrease in production. The price of rice has increased by 35 per cent and the price per kilo ranged between EGP 8 and 12 ($0.51 and $0.76), compared to EGP 7 and 9 ($0.44 and $0.57) last week. According to the statement by the Grain and Agricultural Crops Division, the price of beans, which is the main meal for many Egyptians especially the poor, has risen by more than 11 per cent. Poultry prices jumped 20 per cent, bringing the price of a kilogram of white chicken to EGP 31 ($1.97) compared to EGP 27 ($1.71) a week ago. The price of vegetables and fruit also increased, and the price of a kilo of tomatoes and oranges reached EGP 10 ($0.63) compared to EGP 5 ($0.31) last week. Egyptians are increasingly worried about the scarcity of goods, with the government tightening precautionary measures to tackle the coronavirus, which has led to increased demand and crowded markets.