Egypt Watch

Facebook stopped troll accounts from Egypt

Facebook suspended hundreds of fake accounts, pages, and groups on Facebook and Instagram linked to the two Egyptian marketing companies, New Wave and Flexel, during the month of February, and banned the two companies from using the two sites. Facebook said that the accounts of the two marketing companies violated their terms of use, and published false content directed against countries in the Gulf, and that 333 accounts, 195 pages and 9 groups on Facebook and 1194 accounts on Instagram were removed. In August 2019, Facebook deleted 700 accounts and a page on Facebook and 48 on Instagram for New Waves because of the use of fake accounts from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE attacking Qatar and Turkey, promoting Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and spent 176 One thousand dollars on “Facebook” ads, and it was followed by more than 13.7 million people.

The New York Times newspaper revealed that New Waves is owned by former Egyptian army officer Amr Hussein, and that it was behind a network of fake accounts on Facebook that defended the Sudanese army after killing the demonstrators. Despite the Egyptian security services accusing all political opponents of spreading fake news, it is participating with the UAE and Saudi Arabia in managing a network of fake accounts known as “electronic flies” to influence public opinion by spreading false rumors and news against their political opponents.