Egypt Watch

Egypt: Coronavirus infections exceed 1,000

The total number of cases of coronavirus in Egypt has risen to 1,173, with 78 deaths, while 247 have recovered and been discharged from isolation hospitals. Fears spread in Egypt about the entry into the third stage of the outbreak of the epidemic, after the number of cases exceeded 1,000, making it difficult for health authorities to follow the chain of transmission and detect cases, which means they have lost control over the epidemic.

The head of the Crisis Management Chamber in the Cabinet, Major General Mohamed Abdel Maksoud, said that the high daily infection rate of the novel coronavirus and the non-commitment of citizens to precautionary measures may push the state to implement the third stage to confront the coronavirus outbreak. Osama Heikal, the minister of media, said that Egypt is still in the second stage of the spread of coronavirus and it is trying to prolong that stage, and not enter the third stage early. Heikal pointed out that among the plans is to isolate the governorates from each other, or to impose a total
curfew as happened in Saudi Arabia, and to allocate schools and hotels for isolation.