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Al-Jabrouni: A new political detainee died in the prisons of al-Sisi

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information in Egypt revealed the detainee’s death, Mustafa Al-Jabrouni, a week ago in Tora prison, without notifying his family to receive the body.

Al-Jabrouni is the third death in Egyptian prisons during August and the first death of a political prisoner belonging to the April 6 Youth Movement. Al-Jabrouni was forcibly disappeared after his arrest for nearly a month, then he appeared in late April, and his detention was renewed on May 10. Activists said that the brother of al-Jabrouni” discovered his death when he tried to visit him in prison. While activists indicated that al-Jabrouni died in mysterious circumstances, others said that the prison administration said that the cause of his death was electrocution when he tried to use the “boiler” to make tea.

Egyptian human rights activists say that Egyptian prisons suffer from dire conditions, in the absence of safety factors and means of protection. According to figures issued by Egyptian and international human rights organizations, medical negligence in various prisons and detention centers is a significant cause of the death of at least 917 prisoners between June 2014 and November 2019.mThe number of prisons in Egypt is 68, 26 of which were established after General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi came to power.

According to a report issued by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, the number of detention facilities inside police stations and stations in various governorates, and secret prisons in the camps is 382.