Egypt Watch

Al-Sisi raises the consular fees for Egyptians abroad

Egyptian General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decision to increase the consular fees, which are collected from Egyptians abroad, in exchange for the services provided to them. And the Official Gazette in Egypt published, on Tuesday, Al-Sisi’s decision to amend some provisions of Presidential Decree No. 339 of 1993 regarding consular fees and their collection system, as the costs were increased. The second article of the decision stipulated the abolition of Presidential Decree No. 145 of 1999 regarding the reduction of the consular fee for obtaining an ordinary passport abroad. The decision comes as part of a series of decisions to raise the prices of other services at home, including raising the prices of metro tickets, trains, electricity, water and gas, and other services, which increases the suffering of the Egyptian citizen. This decision comes a few hours after the Metro Company announced an increase in ticket prices for all three line stations.

The new value of the ticket ranged from 3 pounds to 5 pounds, compared to 9 stations less, and 5 to 7 pounds for 16 stations, and more than 16 stations, the value ranged between 7 pounds to 10 pounds, and it may rise to 12 pounds. It should be noted that the price of the metro ticket in Egypt was EGP 1 for all stations three years ago. One US dollar is equivalent to approximately 16 EGP.