Fishermen organise protest against hunger and military trials

The Izbat al-Burj fishermen in Damietta organised a protest with their boats, yesterday evening, on the Nile Corniche in Ras al-Bar, to protest against the ban on fishing, the deterioration of their living conditions, and the imposition of higher taxes. They condemned the arrest of several of them who referred to military court.

The fishermen organised a vigil with their boats and sounded their sirens near an army point on Nile Street, protesting the navy forces’ practices against them. Fishermen also complain about imposing taxes, the rise in the price of petrol, and other unfair measures that have resulted in harsh living conditions for all Izbat al-Burj fishermen and their families. The crisis has worsened recently after the emergence of Wataniya fishing vessels which belong to an army-owned company.

One of the fishermen said on social media, “By God Almighty, we suffer from hunger.” He added, “We are the largest fishing fleet in the Middle East. The naval forces closed the sea, and the state-imposed taxes on us and insurance that was not necessary. Petrol became more expensive than the international prices, and the boats stopped.” “Even the ship owners are caught up in the tax money imposed on them … We are dying.”