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The opponent Ahmed Tantawi, head of the Dignity Party

The General Conference of the Egyptian Al-Karama Stream Party (Dignity) announced that former parliamentarian Ahmed Tantawi had won the party’s presidency by acclamation. The party also decided to appoint Muhammad Sami as an honorary president after the last term of the party’s leadership had expired.

The conference decided that the former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi, former Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu Attia, former Minister of Health Amr Helmy, and former party leader Amin Iskandar, were members of the Supreme Commission.

In a video clip he posted on his Facebook page, Al-Tantawi said: “After many consultations, I concluded joining one of the existing parties, a step that I will announce in full.” He added: We seek in this context not to be ruled by ideological trends, but rather to be a renewed national project that raises the value of science and artistic debate, which answers the basic questions represented by living, freedom, social justice, human dignity, and independence of national decision.

Al-Tantawi’s election campaign recently published results that it said were “documented” for the elections that took place recently in Qaleen district in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, proving that he obtained the highest votes in the run-off similar to the first round.

The Supreme Elections Committee did not recognize these results before announcing that he was in fifth place in the ranking of the six candidates competing for the three seats allocated to the constituency in the House of Representatives.