Egypt Watch

Addis Ababa: Egypt has turned Ethiopia into an existing threat to escape its internal problems

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced that the Ethiopian Chargé d’Affairs was summoned in Cairo, after the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman’s statements. In a brief statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said: “This evening, December 30, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Ethiopian Chargé d’Affairs to Cairo to provide clarifications about the statements conveyed by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson regarding the Egyptian internal affairs.”

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dina Mufti, claimed that Egypt had turned Ethiopia into an existing danger to escape from its internal problems. The Ethiopian official claimed that “there is an agenda that outweighs the Renaissance Dam crises and time bombs that may explode at any moment, so they have turned Ethiopia into an existing danger and that it will cause Egyptians to thirst and starve, reflecting the depth of the internal crisis in Egypt.” The spokesman said, “Inside Cairo, a closed area dozens of times larger than the largest market in Ethiopia, where thousands of Islamists were detained, and you know how the former president died in court.” He pointed out that all these matters aim at Egypt escaping from the internal problems and suspending them on the peg of the Renaissance Dam.