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The Union of Egyptian National Forces: New opposition political umbrella announced in Turkey

Several Egyptian political figures and parties announced on Thursday in a press conference held in Istanbul that they were coordinating the efforts of various Egyptian opposition groups against the rule of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The announcement on 11 February coincides with the tenth anniversary of toppling Mohamed Hosni Mubarak in the January Revolution after 30 years of absolutism.

“The Egyptian national community has worked for six months day and night in order to unite and has produced several documents and policy papers not for changing the reality, but to draw our vision for the future,” said Ayman Nour, the prominent Egyptian politician, who presides over the union. “On top of these documents, which are to be declared consecutively, is the Document of Twenty, which has achieved consensus.”

The Document of Twenty defines the goals of the union in 20 points in terms of what it does and doesn’t want. The union does not want military or ideological rule, Egypt to be subjected to the military’s interests only, poverty, loans, high prices, subordination to other states, concession of territories, water and other national resources, repression and political detention, and single-party rule.

On the other hand, the union aims to achieve freedom in a civil free democratic state based on citizenship and respecting rights and freedoms. The union also demands an army confined to protect Egypt without seizing power or wealth. Additionally, the wish list includes true economic reform in favour of the poor and foreigners based merely on national interest. “Our historical duty obliges us to remain loyal to our revolution and our people, and to go on struggling for the goals of the revolution along with the other national groups,” said Moukhtar Alashry, the counselor of the Freedom and Justice Party, the political organ of the Muslim Brotherood, in his speech during the conference.

Nour announced the presidential council of the union, which includes 100 people and is open to more. This formation will assume office, which is non-renewable, for six months. Nour will take the chair; the union also includes political counselor of Al Binaa wal Tanmeia party, Ahmed Samir, TV host in Mekameleen TV, Emad Elwakil, professor of industry management in University of Purdue in USA, journalist Hossam Ghamry.