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Corona death rate among Egyptian doctors is 6 times that of USA

Statistics revealed that the death rate among Egyptian doctors due to the coronavirus is at least six times higher than that of America.

According to that comparison, Egypt lost 499 doctors due to corona until the end of April, out of 13,469 officially declared deaths, a rate of 3.71 per cent.

On the other hand, the United States lost more than 3,600 health workers (not just doctors) out of 577,000 deaths, a rate of 0.62 per cent. Last Friday, the opposition’s Batel (void) campaign in Egypt launched a distress call to save the country’s doctors and not sacrifice them to coronavirus. In a distress call, the campaign said that according to the figures announced by the regime, Egypt has the highest global number of deaths in the medical sector compared to the total number of people who have died from the virus.

The Egyptian Doctors Syndicate announced that the total number of doctors who died from the virus is about 500, of whom more than 66 were doctors in April alone. The campaign pointed to information indicating that doctors and hospitals were subjected to security threats not to announce real numbers of COVID-19 cases, whether from within the medical sector or from patients. It added that the Egyptian regime had proven to be a complete failure in dealing with the epidemic. It warned that what is happening in India could happen in Egypt.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights called on the state authorities to declare mourning for the lives of doctors who died from the COVID-19 virus. This request coincided with the announcement that 500 doctors had died from the virus, according to the Doctors Syndicate data.