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Mother of detainee Hossam Aboul Bukhari dies after being banned from visiting for 4 years

We Record Human Rights platform has reported that the mother of the journalist and Islamic activist detained in Egypt, Hossam Aboul Bukhari, died after four years of being denied a permit to visit him. The platform said on Twitter that Bukhari’s mother had been denied access to him for more than four years in a row, despite her repeated requests to be allowed to see him even once.

In October 2017, the Military Court sentenced the Islamic thinker Hossam Aboul Bukhari to 10 years in prison on charges of calling on Egyptians to storm the State Security building in 2013. Earlier, Aboul Bukhari complained (more than once) about ill-treatment in the notorious Scorpion Prison, in addition to his solitary confinement.

Many detainees in Egypt, especially those held in Scorpion Prison, suffer from repeated solitary confinement for long periods and being denied family visits in violation of the prison law in Egypt.

Al-Aqrab (Scorpion) is a high-security prison in which most of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and other opponents are jailed. Still, the authorities repeatedly deny that its inmates have suffered human rights violations.

Human Rights Watch has said that the Egyptian authorities impose collective punishment on inmates in Scorpion Prison in the capital Cairo. It explained that the 700 to 800 inmates in Scorpion Prison are subjected to grave violations that amount to collective punishment.