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Ethiopian General: “Ready for military confrontation and Egypt cannot demolish the Renaissance Dam”

Ethiopian General Puta Pachata Debely, director of Ethiopian military engineering administration, declared that Ethiopia does not seek a military solution for the crisis of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, but it is ready for such scenario.

Debely added in a TV interview with RT, within the IX Moscow Security International Conference, that his country does not seek military solution. “For Ethiopia, the best solution has to be through the African Union.” Debely denounced the Egyptian treatment with the crisis as the Egyptian officials are not keen on solving the problem through negotiations. “They refuse all suggestions.”

According to Debely, Egypt cannot demolish the dam with the jet fighters. “The Egyptians know that the dam is solid.” Debely asserted that the second phase of filling the dam will start at its time. “When this phase comes to end, the all will meet to negotiate dividing water not building the dam.” He added, “90% of water goes to Egypt and 10% to Sudan, with none remaining for Ethiopia.”