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WHO warns COVID-19 cases are rising in Egypt

The World Health Organisation has warned of the rise of COVID-19 infections in five Middle East countries, including Egypt.

WHO’s regional director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Doctor Ahmed Al-Manzari, said that Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Somalia, Syria and Yemen have had big increases in COVID-19 infections and deaths.

In a press conference, Al-Manzari added that the epidemic curve indicates the need to quicken mass vaccination and continue precautionary measures in all countries. Al-Manzari explained that the Eastern Mediterranean reported over 15 million cases and 278,000 deaths due to COVID-19 until 12 September, adding that over the past few weeks there was a decline in the total number of infections and deaths, but the situation remains fragile.

In Egypt, COVID-19 cases increased remarkably over the past few weeks, recording 279 cases at the end of August compared to 49 cases at the beginning. The infections did not stop here but continued to rise recording 588 last Tuesday along with 14 deaths, with 4,000 cases recorded over the past week only.

Doctor Ahmed Shawky, member of the scientific committee to combat coronavirus in the Egyptian ministry of health, said in previous statements that the announced numbers do not reflect the reality, which could be 10 times higher.