Egypt Watch

CFJ: Human rights violations increased in Egyptian prisons in 2021

The Committee for Justice issued its 2021 report on detention centres in Egypt, in which it said that the human rights situation in Egypt witnessed significant changes, the most important of which was the abolition of the state of emergency and its replacement with repressive amendments that emptied the dissolution of its purposes. The organization said that the year witnessed the issuance of judicial rulings against many figures of human rights and political work in Egypt. It also noted an increase in violations against students, lawyers and human rights defenders. The organization said that detention centres in Egypt witnessed a spread of Coronavirus infections, noting the complete absence of mechanisms for prevention, isolation and treatment. It added that abuse and deliberate denial of health care has also prompted prisoners to commit suicide in the Tora Prison Complex.

According to the organization, 2021 also saw the continuation of the alliance between the legislative and executive authorities to legitimize violations of civil and political rights. In 2022, the Egyptian authorities carried out the death sentence against 18 defendants. The organization was able to document 7,369 violations in 66 official and unofficial places of detention.