Egypt Watch

Sinai: Egypt security forces demolish houses, make arbitrary arrests

July 16, 2019

For three weeks Egyptian security forces have encircled al-Arish, the biggest city in North Sinai.

The campaign comes against the background of terrorist attacks on several security checkpoints in al-Arish in June. The security forces stormed houses searching for wanted persons and arms.

Security forces also continue to demolish houses of wanted persons, according to Mada Masr. Forces demolished four houses in al-Safa town. Prior to demolishing it, security forces stormed the houses and destroyed its furniture and contents.

Authorities have also arrested young people arbitrarily and detained them in security headquarters in order to gather as much information as possible about them.

Despite these harsh measures and violations, Sinai Province, the terrorist organisation affiliated to ISIS, continued flexing its muscles after storming al-Sadat village in Beer al-Abd city, Northern Sinai, on July 7. Members of the group investigated people in the village, arrested one of them, and then released him a week later.