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Rights groups say the detainee died after his health deteriorated

On Tuesday, two human rights groups said that a detainee had died after his health deteriorated. The Egyptian Network and Al-Shehab Center have noted that Shaaban Muhammad Sayed al-Khouli, 56, died in Sadat Hospital in Menoufia, days after his health deteriorated due to poor detention conditions and lack of medical care inside Qanater prison. The two human rights groups held the Ministry of Interior responsible for Al-Khouli’s death, the second death of a detainee in November, and the 34th this year. Detainee Alaa Muhammad Abd al-Ghani al-Sulami, 47, died earlier this month in Badr Prison Complex after two months of hunger strike in protest of the inhumane conditions of imprisonment.

According to human rights groups, Al-Salami did not receive medical care during his hunger strike. 2021 witnessed the deaths of 60 prisoners, including 52 political prisoners, and eight criminals, including six children, according to We Record. In 2020, 79 cases of medical negligence were recorded in prisons. During the past seven years, about 774 detainees died in various detention facilities, including 73 in 2013, 166 in 2014, 185 in 2015, 121 in 2016, 80 in 2017, 36 in 2018, and 40 in 2019.