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Sisi’s demand for the people to report each other creates a police state

On February 26, while the president was inspecting the alignment of mechanisms to start the new “national” projects in the Sinai, with “the end of the war on terror” in the second part, the president and those with him came out of the hall to the platform in the open air. It started with a stance for a minute in mourning on the lives of the “martyrs” of the army, the police, and those collaborating with them from the people of Sinai.

The president said: “On such a day, a great day, we stand a minute of mourning and also appreciation and respect for the lives of our martyrs, the martyrs of Egypt from the army, from the police, from the judiciary, from the sons of Sinai, all who sacrificed to stand Today this stand to say a new beginning to our land, which was almost lost of our hands. ” The mourning, because of which the president, government officials and army leaders stood for a minute, was to talk about the victims of the stability of his ruling of Egypt. At the same time, he did not forget to talk about the potential victims of the continuation of that stabilized ruling. Amid his speech, the president said, “Caution is continuing, and keenness is continuing from all the devices, and eyes never be closed, and you can’t be assured. There is no assurance. We should be attentive to everything. You, sons of Sinai, don’t be silent on anyone when we can’t do something in 2006, 07, 09, and 10. When we were silent, you saw what happened to us.

The president is not intended here what happened in Sinai from the spread of extremist armed groups starting in 2012. Still, he refers to the condition of the state before the January 25 revolution, considering the main reason for the outbreak of the revolution and what followed, which the president said about “10 years of painful days”, It is silent about the spread of the regime’s opposition.

To confront this, the president called on the families to cooperate with the security of the guidance of their children, saying: “Today if you cooperate and say, pay attention! Our son needs clarification. We will be with him. We will not make him lost. On the contrary, we will try to find a solution with him, treat him, make him understand, ad so on, to prevent a repetition of this situation neither here nor at any other place in Egypt. This is a culture.” This culture means the spread of what can be described by the“security informants ”, and these are those who cooperate with security against any opposition voice.

Deepening societal rift

The regime of the current president, Abdel Fattah El -Sisi, went up to power. His feet were fixed on a deep societal rift, which resulted from tremendous polarization, while the revolution of twenty -January 5 followed, and then the Muslim Brotherhood took power. The scene of the current president’s coup -when he was Minister of Defense -to former President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 2013, he relied mainly on a large part of the Egyptians’ refusal to continue the Brotherhood’s rule in power and, therefore he was the leader of the majority in the face of a non -small minority, used against them all forms of oppression to end their political presence, this began with a horrific massacre on August 14, 2013, during which at least 1,000 Egyptian citizens were killed according to independent accounts, which deepened this societal rift.

Now that about ten years have passed since this rift, it is impossible to discuss an end to it using natural transitional justice tools, and we see more procedures that deepen it. We have already seen this rift between colleagues at work and neighbours in the neighbourhood; until the polarization reached the point of informing the family of their relatives against the president’s regime, and with the president continuing in his approach and the increase in the scope of his opponents, the crack has become a candidate for more deepening from the authority, till it arrives to parents and children!

The president’s method of dealing with “confusion

In the past, specifically in April 2017, the president demanded to report “extremist thought” even if they were their neighbours. After the end of the “war on terror”, as the president announced, it reached the point of demanding the reporting of the “confused”. The concept of “confusion”, which the president talked about, is not defined in any way, but we know here that the president rejects any different voice from what he says, even if it is a partial difference. During the rule of President Abdel Fattah El -Sisi, Egypt lived in a difficult situation at the general level. All forms of protest or opposition are the beginning of the request to over through the regime to even criticizing the government’s path resulting from unprecedented inflation in the prices of goods and services or ridicule of that, or even showing its scepticism in the validity of what the government does, and the conversation that results from cafes or even on the personal pages on Facebook.

The security solution in preventing opposition voices ranges from mass killing to shooting demonstrators. Recently the arrests and security uprising against ordinary citizens in the streets expanded when the occasions pass, for example, the anniversary of the January 25 revolution, the anniversary of June 30, the anniversary of the Rabaa Al -Adawiya massacre, The anniversary of the abdication of Tiran and Sanafir, and even the anniversary of previous calls in the demonstration, whether what happened in September 2019 or what we saw on November 11. The current authority is using arrests for months by using pretrial detention as a punishment, in addition to the procedures in the heart, such as the enforced disappearance for long months and the torture that often results in deaths, when his family discovers this as happened with the economic researcher Ayman Hadhoud, or in other cases, the people of the victims do not know his fate; if he was alive or dead, as happened with the former deputy Mustafa Al -Najjar. In extending the regime’s control of the public domain, security tactics are used everywhere, from the street to social media to work, and now security penetrates homes!