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ECRF file lawsuit demanding disclosure of Mustafa al-Najjar’s place of detention

August 1st, 2019

The Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF), an Egyptian civil society organisation, have filed a lawsuit to the Administrative Court of the State Council to demand the disclosure of former MP Mustafa al-Najjar’s place of detention.

Al-Najjar has been disappeared for more than 10 months, without any contact between him and his lawyer or his family. His last contact with his wife, Shaima Afifi, was September 28 2018. Afifi received a phone call from an unknown person on October 10 2018, stating that he was being held at the security forces camp in the Ashalal area of ​​Aswan.

Mustafa al-Najjar’s wife has previously submitted a request to the Attorney General and the President over her husband’s disappearance.

On July 3 2017 the Supreme Administrative Court ordered the Interior Ministry to disclose the whereabouts of a doctor who disappeared in April 2014, asserting that the enforced disappearance of people was a violation of human rights principles and was the first of its kind.