Egypt Watch

Report to attorney general on crackdown against the Socialist People`s Alliance Party

The Socialist People’s Alliance Party in Egypt has reported to the attorney general what it describes as a
crackdown on its members.
Party leader Medhat al-Zahid said that the party will ask for legal protection for its members, support for
the families of the prisoners and a report from the attorney general on the crackdown.
The party’s decision came after its last meeting when the party’s political office discussed the last
security measures and the security campaign that resulted in the arrest of a number of party members.
Security forces have arrested a number of party members in different Egyptian governorates recently
including Abdel Nasser Ismail, Emad Fathi Amin, Soleiman al-Fagumi, Soleiman Sakr and lawyer
Mohammad Ramadan and others.
The party confirmed that one of its members, Mohamed Mahmoud Farid, has disappeared since
Thursday 16 January, though demands have been made to reveal where he is being held.