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3 Egypt army leaders die from coronavirus, director of intelligence in quarantine

On Monday the military spokesman announced the death of Major General Shafie Abd al-Halim, Director of the Major Projects Department of the Engineering Authority, and Major General Khaled Shaltout, Director of the Authority’s Water Department, as a result of their infection with the novel coronavirus. Private sources stated that Major General Mahmoud Shahin, Chief of Staff of the Department of Military Engineers, also died as a result of his infection with coronavirus, but the Military Council decided to postpone the announcement of his death for fear of causing panic among army officers. Major General Abbas Kamel, director of the General Intelligence Service, was subject to isolation and quarantine, as he is suspected of being infected after attending a meeting on the Renaissance Dam with Major General Khaled Shaltout.

According to the source, a large number of the leaders of the Egyptian army and their families have been isolated and quarantined as a result of being infected with coronavirus, which was transmitted to them after the leaders of the Army Engineering Authority met a delegation of a Chinese company working in the new administrative capital. The general command of the army declared the state of maximum emergency, and the closure of the Military College for 45 days as a precaution.