Egypt Watch

Coronavirus: Government isolates homes in Port Said and Mahalla

The Ministry of Health has isolated the village of Al-Hayatam in the city of Mahalla after the number of cases of the novel coronavirus in the village increased to 10, and 22 others are suspected of being infected. Security forces were deployed to the village and security checkpoints placed at the entrances and exits of the village to prevent residents from leaving and to prevent entry of anyone to the village for a period of 14 days. In Port Said the Ministry of Health announced it was isolating seven buildings in the governorate, after many residents have become infected with coronavirus.

The government announced two days ago it was isolating Al-Qais and Abu Jarj, in the Bani Mazar district of Minya Governorate, after discovering cases of the virus in people returning from Mecca to perform Umrah. The number of people infected with coronavirus in Egypt has increased to more than 779 cases and 52 deaths.