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42 health care workers infected at Al-Azhar University Hospitals

Mahmoud Siddiq, Vice President of Al-Azhar University, said that 42 health-care workers at the Zahra University Hospital had been infected with the Corona virus, and the hospital had been completely close.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zayat, a member of the Doctors ’Syndicate, announced yesterday that 35 of the medical staff of Al-Zahra University Hospital had been infected with Corona virus out of 50 who had done the PCR test. He added that among those infected with the virus, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the deputy director of the university hospital and the director of the clinics, in addition to 17 doctors. He revealed that the source of the infection is an employee working in the hospital kitchen and his wife who works in the hospital’s administrative building. Al-Zayat said that the number of doctors infected with the virus exceeded one hundred, including 9 deaths.

COVID 19 continues to infect doctors and medical personnel in Egypt, while Ministry of Health of ignoring the demands to provide the maximum necessary preventive measures to protect medical personnel during their work.