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Half of Egyptians borrow from others to meet their needs

Official data revealed that 50% of Egyptian families borrow from others to bridge the gap between their income and expenses. According to official data issued by the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics to compare Egyptian families’ consumption patterns and income levels during the pandemic.

The data pointed out that the number of families receiving charitable aid in the third period of the Corona pandemic (from early August to September 20) decreased to about 13.7%, compared to 17.3% in the first period of the pandemic (from February 20 to the end of May).

The data also indicated that the families in question are still resorting to relying on the cheapest types of food as a substitute for reducing their consumption of meat, birds, and fish.

On the other hand, the percentage of families expecting a decrease in their incomes decreased, to settle at 31.9% in the third stage, from 48.3% during the first period. According to the statement, demand for basic commodities such as rice decreased by 5%, edible oil by 6%, and legumes by about 4%, after the demand for these commodities increased during the closing decisions. While the number of households consuming masks, which have become mandatory in some places, jumped by about 26%, detergents’ consumption rose by only 5.5%.