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The curse of sexual harassment pursues a Moroccan in Egypt

The curse of sexual harassment has followed Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred in Egypt, as it forced a famous art theater to cancel his concert in Cairo. A few days ago, the “Cairo Show” theater in the Egyptian capital announced the holding of a massive concert for the singer just next December. However, an electronic campaign forced it to cancel the advertisement and concert tickets.

Lamjarred faces charges in several cases of harassment, attempted rape, and physical assault, which led him to 6 months in prison in France in 2016. For his part, he responded to the cancellation of his concert in Cairo by posting a picture of him smiling, commenting on his Facebook account: “Nothing shakes the smiling heart,” and attached his phrase with the flags of Egypt and Morocco. Egypt is witnessing from time to time campaigns against harassment and physical assault on women, often triggered by social media platforms, highlighting their high rates and the lack of sexual assault victims to a safe haven at the country’s legal and societal levels.

In 2014, the authorities increased the punishment for the crime of harassment to reach six months in prison, and a fine of not less than 3,000 Egyptian pounds (about $ 190), and not more than 5,000 pounds ($ 320).