Egypt Watch

EIPR demands an investigative judge for its imprisoned employees

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights submitted an official complaint to the attorney general’s office detailing incidents of abuse against its executive director, Jasser Abdel-Razek, requesting that an investigative judge be appointed in the case.

The initiative held the public prosecution office fully responsible for the health and safety of Abdel-Razek, who is exposed to grave danger due to the conditions of his detention. The statement also referred to the situation of Abdel-Razek, which was proven by him and his lawyer in the prosecution’s investigations yesterday, that he was subjected to degrading treatment through his solitary confinement and prevented from leaving the cell, not provided with winter clothes and blankets, or a suitable place to sleep.

The lawyers called on the prosecution to find out who is responsible and also demanded that an investigative judge be appointed to complete the investigations, as the Supreme State Security Prosecution did not allow lawyers to view the investigation records or talk to him.

The Egyptian constitution stipulates in Article (55) that “whoever is arrested, imprisoned, or whose freedom is restricted must be treated in a manner that preserves his dignity, and it is not permissible to torture, intimidate, or coerce him, nor to harm him physically or mentally, and he shall not be detained or imprisoned except in places designated for that, [that are] humane and healthy.”