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A day after getting parole, new charges brought against Haitham Mohammadin

The Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered, on Wednesday, that labour rights defender Haitham Mohammadin remain in custody for 15 days to be renewed pending investigations in case 1956 of year 2019, accusing him of joining a terrorist group, which the prosecution did not elaborate on. The decision came only one day after Cairo’s Criminal Court granted Mohammadin parole in case 741 of year 2019, in which Mohammadin had almost finished the maximum lawful period of remand, which is two years.

Mohammadin was arrested in May 2019 while he was in the police station for surveillance under case 718 of year 2018, in which he was detained for protesting the rise in metro price tickets. Mohammadin was also detained in 2016 for protesting Egypt’s concession of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.

Mohammadin is a well-known lawyer, activist and human rights defender, who is mainly concerned with labour rights and social justice. Although he is known to be a leftist, the prosecution has accused him of joining a terrorist group.