Egypt Watch

Congressman and human rights activist denounce Egyptian diplomatic statements over human rights abuses in Egypt

Egypt’s ambassador to USA, Moataz Zahran, stated that the American senators and representatives, who demands suspension of US military aid to Egypt, which is worth of USD 1.3 billion, are deceived by members of terrorist organization, mostly in allusion to the Muslim Brotherhood. “I praise the tremendous support to bolster the bilateral relations between our two nations that I witness firsthand from the Biden administration as well as the overwhelming majority of Congressional members who stand firm in refusing to be deceived by lies and falsehoods propagated by people who belong to a terrorist organization with a known record in disseminating hatred and inciting to violence,” twitted Egypt’s embassy in Washington.

In response, the Washington Advocacy Officer of Human Rights Watch, Elisa Epstein, described the Egyptian embassy’s tweets as “deeply harmful and concerning.” Epstein added, “Those of us who rightly inform members of Congress of Egypt’s human rights record are providing important context to push the US to abide by its own and international law standards in setting US policy.”

The Egyptian diplomatic statements came after calls from senator Chris Morphy and congressmen, Adam Schiff and Tom Malinowski, on US president Joe Biden to withhold the US military aid to Egypt. “Nothing conveys the entitled arrogance of Egypt’s dictatorship better than taking $1.3 billion a year in US taxpayers funds while accusing members of Congress concerned about human rights (including detention & torture of innocent Americans) of being deceived by terrorists,” tweeted Malinowski commenting on the Egyptian tweets.