Egypt Watch

Conditioned release prevented in cases of demonstration

Parliament has finally approved a draft law submitted by the government, which aims to prevent the conditioned release of those convicted of crimes of gathering and demonstration, terrorism and drug trafficking. The draft law included an article prohibiting the conditional release of convicts in cases of gathering and demonstrations, which deprived thousands of political opponents imprisoned for these cases of their right to release after serving half of their sentence. The Prison Organization Law currently, allows conditioned release of every person who is finally convicted of a freedom-restricting sentence, if he has spent in prison half of the sentence, and his behavior calls for trust in discipline himself, and that if his release is not dangerous to General Security.

It is reported that in Egypt there are more than 70 thousand political detainees, more than half of them are accused of gathering and demonstrating, and by depriving them release under law of conditional release, the only way to release them is to obtain an amnesty from the President of the Republic. Article 73 of the Egyptian constitution states that citizens have the right to organize public meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, and all forms of peaceful protests, without the need for prior notification, and security services may not have right to attend, monitor, or eavesdrop on it.