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Egypt: Wearing masks in public places to be compulsory

Nader Saad, a spokesperson for the cabinet, said that wearing masks will become compulsory on public transportation, in government departments and in enclosed spaces, noting that immediate financial penalties will be imposed on those who do not wear the masks. Saad said that the cloth masks can be used, instead of the surgical masks that many people cannot afford, adding that the government has agreed with some cloth factories to convert their production lines into the manufacture of cloth masks according to specifications set by the Ministry of Health. Saad confirmed that the price of cloth masks will not exceed EGP 5 ($0.32), pointing to the possibility of using this mask for a full month, cleaning and sterilising it daily.

The Ministry of Health has also decided to oblige all visitors to its medical facilities, whether employees or visitors, to wear masks beginning May 30, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The number of daily infections has increased significantly over the past several days.