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Al-Sisi renews the support of the Libyan General Haftar

The head of General Intelligence Services (GIS) in Egypt, Abbas Kamel, conveyed, on Saturday, to the commander of eastern Libyan forces, General Khalifa Haftar, a message of support from General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to the Libyan people at various military and political levels. This message was delivered during an unannounced visit of Minister Kamel to the Libyan city of Benghazi. Renewing Al-Sisi’s support came amid leaks about approaching between the regime and The Government of Nationa Accord (GNA) which control Tripoli.

The official Egyptian News Agency said that the message comes within the Egyptian role framework to support the stability of the situation in Libya and preserve its capabilities and gains. During the meeting, several issues of concern were discussed, and the efforts and actions of Egypt in support of the outcomes of the “5 + 5” military committee meetings were discussed, which resulted in stabilizing the ceasefire and taking several measures that contribute to stabilizing the military and security situation throughout Libya. Earlier, a statement issued by Haftar said that during the meeting, all security files of common interest between the two countries were discussed, in addition to discussing most of the issues related to joint national security.

Cairo is one of the most supportive of Haftar in his attack, which he began more than a year ago on the capital, Tripoli, and ended with the defeat and complete withdrawal from the capital and its borders. With the support of Arab and European countries, Haftar’s militia has launched, since April 4, 2019, an attack that failed to control Tripoli. Haftar’s militia has suffered, in recent times, many defeats at the hands of the forces of the internationally recognized Libyan Government of Accord, which announced earlier the liberation of the strategic city of Tarhuna, located 90 km southeast of Tripoli, the day after the announcement of the completion of the liberation of the capital.